Payment processing
for non-profits

GivingTech offers the least expensive - and most extensive - platform for processing online payments. Exclusive for non-profits.

No platform fees

You only pay the credit card fee, starting at as little as 1.2% + 30¢.

Instant Deposits

Payments are instantly deposited into your own Stripe and Paypal accounts.

Payment methods

All credit card brands, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH bank deposit.


Receive donations in over 100 currencies - tax-deductible in 32 countries.

Payments directly to you

Connect your Stripe and Paypal accounts

With GivingTech, there are no middlemen - you receive the full amount of every donation directly into your Stripe or Paypal accounts. We also support 100 global currencies, and offer tax-deductible receipts to your donors from 32 countries.

These are the transaction fees currently charged by Stripe:

United States

2.2% + 30¢


2.2% + 30¢

Great Britain

1.2% + 20p


1.4% + 30¢

How to start fundraising

Setting up your GivingTech account

Whether on your own or with our help, setting up your Stripe account is as easy as 1-2-3
Register online

Create your GivingTech account online in five minutes or less. No payment method is required - because there's never anything to pay.

Step 1
Enter into the Stripe wizard

Click a button and you'll be taken into a simple wizard to connect your existing Stripe account, or create a new one. We're online to help if you need.

Step 2
Accept payments

Your Stripe account is then instantly connected to GivingTech. Customize your tax-receipt and email confirmation, and start fundraising!

Step 3

Ready to get started?