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International Fundraising for Israeli Nonprofits

Let IsraelGives be your partner for international fundraising. Through our international partners, your donors from the US, UK, and Canada will get full tax-deductions for their donations to your organization, whether made by check, bank transfer, or online by credit card. There's no better or efficient way to fundraise internationally.

Scroll below to learn how we operate, about the different ways to fundraise and benefits, and how to get started.

Join over 400 Israeli nonprofits who are successfully fundraising through IsraelGives and our international partners

IsraelGives helps you to fundraise not only in Israel, but also throughout the world. Most importantly, we have created partnerships that enable you to offer tax-receipts to your donors from the US, UK, and Canada, whether they donate by check, by wire transfer, or online by credit card or PayPal. In the US we partner with American Support for Israel. In the UK we partner with UK Gives, and in Canada we partner with Canada Charity Partners.
Become Approved
To work with our international partners, you must first meet their conditions of eligibility. Read about each partner’s conditions in their respective sections.
Receiving Donations
Once you’re been approved to work with one of our partner organizations, you can start to collect donations by check, bank transfer, and online by credit card or PayPal, using any of the IsraelGives donation forms or fundraising systems. What's best you don't need separate forms for each currency or partner: From just one IsraelGives form, depending on the currency that your donors donate in, we'll know to send the donation to the respective partner organization, and issue an e-receipt in their name.
Receiving the Funds
After deducting the credit card fee (if it’s an online donation), our partner will donate to your organization the Net amount of the donation. The donation is sent to IsraelGives, who converts the funds into shekels and transfers you that donation, once every two weeks. Canada works a little differently, so read about it in the Fundraising in Canada section.
Your donors receive a tax-deductible receipt from our international partner. If they donate online, an instant e-receipt is sent to them by email. If they donate by check or bank transfer, our partner creates a receipt and then makes it available to you. You should then mail the donor the paper receipt, along with a letter of thanks.

When you receive the donation, IsraelGives issues you an invoice-receipt. The invoice contains the amount donated by our international partner. You must issue a receipt to this international partner for its donation to you. You should send the receipt by email to:

To become eligible to receive funds through American Support for Israel (ASI), you need to do the following, through your IsraelGives account:

Download and sign the ASI application form and UK Gives application forms.
Submit the following documents into your IsraelGives account: Ishur Nihul Takin, Sivug Malcar, Ishur Nihul Pinkasei Cheshbonot, Ishur Nikui Mas Bamakor, and your last audited financial statement. Note that you'll need to enter the expiry date of the document, and ensure that the document is always up to date.
Maintain at least a 60% transparency rating on the IsraelGives website.

Once you've met all of these conditions, our staff will review your documents, a process that takes 2-3 days.

When do I receive the funds?
Online Donations
Online donations are transferred every two weeks by wire transfer, at the same time as Israeli Shekel donations:

For donations made from the 1-14 of the month, funds are transferred between the 15-19th of the following month.
For donations made from the 15-31 of the month, funds are transferred between the 1-5 of the following month.

So for example, donations made from August 1-14 will be transferred between September 15-19.

Checks and Wire Transfers
Checks and wire transfers are sent once a month, at the transfer made between the 15-19th of the month. All checks received by ASI or UK Gives prior to their monthly donation will be included in that month's transfer. So, for example, on September 15, ASI will donate all online donations made between August 1-14, and also any checks received up to September 15. This means that a check could be received by ASI on September 14, and already be in your Israeli bank account the next day.

Address for Sending Checks

Checks should be sent to:
American Support for Israel
PO Box 3263
Washington, DC 20010

Donors must make the check out to "American Support for Israel" and write on the check itself in the "memo" section that the check is to be used for your organization. If possible, please ask your donors to write your Amuta ID number (580…) instead of your organization's name – it helps us to identify your organization more easily. For an example of how a check should look, click here.

Bank Transfers
Donors can also donate by bank transfer - please send us the donor's details, and we'll email them directly our bank account details.

Stock Donations
To learn more about stock donations, click here.

On checks and wire transfers there is a fee of 2.5%
On online donations there is a fee of 4.4%

Why does the donation receipt say that the donor is only making a "recommendation"? Does that mean that my organization might not receive the donation?
US tax law does not permit a donor to instruct an organization in how his donated funds should be used: the donor can only make a recommendation. For that reason, American Support for Israel writes on the receipt that the donor's allocation is a "recommendation" (every organization that donates to Israel does the same thing, from the PEF to the Jewish Federations).

With that, American Support for Israel stipulates very clearly in the fundraising contract it signs with every beneficiary organization, that if, for whatever reason, American Support for Israel cannot respect a donor's recommendation (for instance, if the organization violates the terms of the contract), American Support for Israel will return the donation to the donor. That means that in no situation will a donation allocated to your organization end up in the pocket of another.

It also means that American Support for Israel has no incentive not to respect a donor's recommendation, and to date American Support for Israel has respected every single donor recommendation. If your organization upholds the terms of the agreement with American Support for Israel, there is no reason why American Support for Israel should not respect the donor's recommendation. But the law is the law.

Once you've become qualified to receive US Dollar donations with American Support for Israel, you can also become qualified to receive Pound Sterling donations through UK Gives, our British partner and a UK Registered Charity (1161366). Your donors will be able to donate by check, by bank transfer, or on your online donation form, and their donations will be fully UK tax-deductible.

To become qualified to work with UK Gives, enter into your IsraelGives account, and in the UK Fundraising section. There, you'll see an application form to qualify for support from UK Gives. Download the form, sign it, and then upload it back into your account.

Can I receive UK Pound donations without being qualified to receive us dollar donations?
No. To be able to receive Pound Sterling donations, you first need to become qualified to receive US Dollar donations. That's because the British authorities require the same donations as the American authorities. Once UK Gives sees that your documents have been approved by American Support for Israel, and that you have submitted the UK Gives application, it will consider your application.

How can donations be made?
Donations can be made online by credit card, debit card, or PayPal through your IsraelGives donation form.

Checks should be mailed to:
UK Gives
483 Green Lanes
London, England

Donors must make the check out to "UK Gives" and must write on an accompanying letter (or in the memo section of the check) that the donation is to be used for funding the activities of your amuta (indicating your amuta name and number).

When a check donation is received, we will send you an email informing you about this. You will then be able to see the check details through your account, including an image of the check itself.

When a donor makes a donation in Pound Sterling, he will instantly receive an e-receipt on behalf of UK Gives. The funds are then transferred to your organization once every two weeks, via IsraelGives, along with the donations you've received in other currencies. You will receive a separate invoice indicating the amount that UK Gives has donated to you.

Fees and Gift Aid
For online donations, as well as checks and wire transfers, IsraelGives charges a service fee of 5%. However, if your donor is eligible for gift aid, we will give you an additional 12%. Meaning that you can come home with £107 for every £100 donation that you receive.

When will I receive the funds?
You will receive the funds at the same timing as for U.S. donations.

Donor receipts
Donor receipting works the same way as for U.S. donations.

How can I collect donations?
Canada is different than the US and UK when it comes to fundraising. Unlike those two countries, Canadian charities are not allowed to donate to your organization directly. For that reason, it's been very hard for Israeli organizations to fundraise in Canada.However, Canada Charity Partners (CCP), a Canadian Charity based in Montreal, has developed a way to allow you to give Canadian tax-receipts to your donors, and get donated funds towards your projects.Details about how CCP works are available within your IsraelGives account, under "International Fundraising >> Fundraising in Canada".

What are the fees?
CCP charges a 5% fee on donations that it processes. There is also a one-time registration fee for every organization joining CCP. This is $500 (Canadian dollars) for large organizations, and $300 for organizations whose annual budget is less than 1 million NIS. This fee covers the expense of the legal process of setting up your organization, and for creating the contract and agreement those which you'll receive the funds. This fee can be deducted, once you start fundraising, from the funds that you raise from the Canadian donations you receive.

How can I fundraise?
Online: Donors can make online donations through any of your IsraelGives donation forms (free forms, MYSITE forms, JRaise fundraising campaigns, etc.). All donations in Canadian dollars go directly to Canada Charity Partners, and we issue an instant e-receipt to the donor for the full amount of his donation. You'll receive an instant notification by email, and the donor details will appear in your IsraelGives account.

Checks: Checks can be mailed to:
Canada Charity Partners
5785 Smart ave.
Montreal, Quebec

Checks must be made out to "Canada Charity Partners", and either on the memo section of the check or in an accompanying letter, the donor should write your amuta number (580…). When a check is deposited in our bank account, the details will appear in your IsraelGives account, and you'll also be able to view a scanned copy of the check.

Bank Transfer: Large donations can also be sent by bank transfer. Contact us for bank account details.