Tax-Deductible Donating

Tax-Deductible donating to Israel

All donations you make in US dollars and UK Pounds on are US and UK tax-deductible. When you donate in US dollars, you will instantly receive an e-receipt for the full amount of your donation, in the name of our US partner, American Support for Israel (ASI), a US 501c3 public charity that helps you to connect to and support non-profit organizations in Israel. ASI will then re-grant your donation to the Israeli charity you recommended it be used for. Donating in Pound Sterling works similarly: you receive an instant e-receipt in the name of UK Toremet, our British charity partner, who regrants the funds to the Israeli charity you recommended the funds be used for.

US tax law does not permit a donor to instruct an organization in how his donated funds should be used: the donor can only make a recommendation. For that reason, ASI writes on the receipt that the donor’s allocation is a “recommendation”. Before regranting your donation to the organization you recommended it be sent to, ASI weighs your recommendation and decides whether or not to respect it. Since all organizations that you can donate through on are pre-approved by ASI, the only cases where we might not respect your recommendation if we find that the organization you've donated towards has done something improper. If, for whatever reason, American Support for Israel cannot respect a donor’s recommendation , we will return the donation to the donor.

American Support for Israel sends funds to Israel once a month.

We'll send it to you by mail, to the mailing address that appears on your check.


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