Our groundbreaking new program to bring you new donors and donations, without your organization spending a cent.

IsraelGives Partner Program

In 2018, more than 4 billion shekels were donated to non-profit organizations in Israel. Raising these funds, however, has a cost: between salaries, advertising, and marketing, fundraising costs a non-profit an average of 40% of every donation they raise. For online donations, non-profits spend an average of ₪220 to recruit a new donor.

But what other options do non-profits really have? Every year, only 40% of donors repeat their donations. In other words, to maintain your annual revenue, you need to replenish 60% of your donor ranks. So, on the one hand, you need new donors. But on the other hand, recruiting new donors is expensive.

But what if you could get new donors and new donations, without spending a cent out of pocket? Well, now you can. Introducing the IsraelGives Partners Program, where we partner with fundraisers from around the world to bring you new donors and donations.

How does it work?
IsraelGives has built relationships with a network of bloggers, websites, publishers, and other fundraisers from around the world. We then make them a unique offer: to encourage their followers and subscribers to donate to a non-profit organization of their choice, and if successful, to receive a percentage of the donations they raise. The cost of this fundraising - whether through paid advertising or membership building - falls on the Partner. As well as the risk: If the partner doesn't manage to fundraise successfully, it doesn't matter what he spent - he doesn't get paid.

Will the Partners promote all of the organizations that join this program?
No. The Partner will pick one or a small number of organizations (there's 43,000 nonprofits in Israel, after all). The decision will generally be influenced by two key factors: How appealing the nonprofit or its campaign is, and the size of its offer.

Size of its offer?
When you join the Partner Program, you decide how much of every donation that a fundraiser brings you you're willing to share with him. The Partner will then weigh your offer against those made by other organizations.

What is a good offer?
It's completely up to you. Some organizations are willing to share a big piece of the donations that fundraisers bring them, and some not. Either way, you should remember that fundraising a new donor is never cheap, especially if you do it yourself: Surveys show that fundraising a new donor costs 220₪ on average, and what you invest is never guaranteed to create a return. But with the Partner Program, you only pay for success - on the donations that our partners bring you.

I understand that I'll pay the fundraising partner a percentage of the donation that they raise. But what about future donations that this donor makes directly to my organization?
The fundraiser only gets paid for the first donation that they raise. The donor him or herself belongs to you, and any subsequent donation that they make you keep in full.

So how much does that work out to in the end? What's the bottom line?

How do I know that an IsraelGives Partner caused a donation to be made, and a donor didn't just donate to me of his own accord, or because of my own advertising and efforts?
Every affiliate receives a unique tracking code from us, allowing us to identify which donations originated from an affiliate’s advertising campaign. We then separate the affiliate-driven donations from your regular donations and display them in a new section in your IsraelGives account called "Donations >> Affiliate Program Donations". You'll also see a separate line on your monthly invoice for the IsraelGives Affiliate Partner Program donations and fees, so that you can clearly identify and separate these donations from your regular donations.

What if I don't want to be part of the Affiliate program?
No problem - the program is completely optional, and you don't need to do a thing (you need to opt-in to join the program).

Do I have to pay to be part of the Affiliate Partners Program?
No. Every member of IsraelGives can join the program, free of charge. To join, just click the buttons below.

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