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Helping over 2,000 non-profits in Israel to raise funds successfully online. Join us, and raise more money online from donors in Israel and around the world.

IsraelGives helps more nonprofits in Israel than anyone else.
We'll help you to raise more too. Guaranteed.

Online Giving Made Easy
We make it easy for you to collect online donations.
International Tax-Deductions
Collect tax-deductible donations in the U.S., Canada, and U.K.
Payments that never expire
Collect recurring monthly and yearly donations that never expire.
Send your donors to your branded IsraelGives-powered donation form
Or accept donations right from your own website with our pop-up donation form
Low, transparent fees
You keep 96-97%We keep between 1.9 - 2.9%
Transaction fees average 1%
What you need to be a fundraising leader

Since 2009, we've been giving Israeli nonprofit exactly what they need to succeed at online fundraising.

5 minute set-up

Setting up a donation form is easy using our simple MYSITE wizard. And you can choose between 3 different methods of receiving funds.

Credit card and PayPal

Receive recurring payments by Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, Isracard and by PayPal.

2 great options

Create a branded MYSITE donation form, or install our donation form as a pop-up right on your own website.


Receive payments in 17 currencies, and non-profit donations are tax-deductible from the US, UK, and Canada.

Recurring payments that never expire

In addition to regular donations, collect recurring monthly and yearly donations that can go on forever: When a credit card expires, we'll obtain for you the replacement card.

Instant receipting

We'll send out receipts by email to all of your contributors, so there's no extra work for you to do.
All receipts from the US, UK, and Canada are tax-deductible.

Bonus Donations

For UK payments, we'll collect GiftAid for you, giving you an extra 12% on every donation, and in the U.S. we'll help your donors match their donations.

Mobile Optimized

All of our forms are super-optimized for mobile phones and tablets. Donors are able to give in 10 seconds or less with PocketPay, using only their credit card number and email address.

We've already thought of it, so you don't have to.

We'll stop fraud before it costs you money

We automatically process recurring donations every month, and contact your donors if a payment fails

We'll rescue donations of donors who tried to make donations but didn't succeed.

We'll take care of all of your bookkeeping and bank reconciliation, so you can focus on fundraising.

Both you and your supporters receive an account to manage your donations.

We give you support by phone, email, live chat, and Whatsapp.

If you have a "Friends of" organization abroad, you likely have a different donation and campaign platform for your "Friends of" donations than than your Israeli platform. As a result, you pay twice the costs and have double the work because you pay fees to different providers and you need to create separate appeals and campaigns.

IsraelGives has a better solution. We can connect all of your "Friends of" organizations, wherever they may be in the world, into our Gateway, allowing a single donation form or campaign to serve all of your online fundraising.

Donations will be directly deposited into the foreign bank account of your international partner, and a tax-receipt issued in their name. Depending on the currency that the donor donates in, we'll know to which international partner to send the donation.

Organizations using our international gateway include Leket Israel, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, the Koby Mandell Foundation, the Tel Aviv Foundation, and many more.

To learn more about how the IsraelGives Gateway works, see our PDF presentation.

Screen 1
To be, or not to be - a member of IsraelGives

Some features are standard, and some features are just for members of IsraelGives

Standard for every nonprofit

Currencies and payment methods
We accept 17 global currencies by credit card and PayPal
Tax-deductible receipts for donors from the U.S., Canada, and U.K.
Donation forms, FundMe crowdfunding campaigns, JoinMe membership campaigns, and more
We support recurring monthly and yearly payments, as well as layaway payments (תשלומים).
Donor accounts
Every donor receives an account to manage their donations and tax-receipts

Just for members of IsraelGives

Recurring with limits - or no limits at all
You can allow donors to limit how many months a recurring donation will continue. Or we can help you ensure that your recurring donations run forever, even when the donor's credit card expires.
Rescue my Donation
When a donor tries to donate but fails, we'll give them help by live chat and send them an email, and help them to give. We rescue 45% of all donations that initially fail.
Virtual Terminal
Process donations for your donors, with nothing more than a credit card
SMS confirmation
We can send out an SMS to every donor, to encourage them to share their donation on Whatsapp and Facebook
Think all donations forms are alike?

Donors donating through IsraelGives MYSITE donation forms donate 28% more than with any other platform. This is why.


Donate in both Hebrew and English?
I can donate by PayPal too
I can make a recurring donation
Dedication e-card
Donate in 17 currencies
Smart, suggested donation sums
Online help for your donors
Install as a pop-up in your website
IsraelGives MYSITE

Screen 2

PocketPay is a mobile giving form that allows your mobile donors to donate using only their email address and payment method. Nothing to download, and no registration needed.

PocketPay is standard for all members of IsraelGives, and automatically added when you use our donation forms.

Watch a quick video
to see how PocketPay works
Screen 2

Good Value? You decide.

Our average donation is $130. If yours is less, it might be because you're not using SmartSums, an amazing new technology now in use by thousands of nonprofits, and standard for all members of IsraelGives.

With SmartSums, we'll automatically adapt your suggested donation sums for every individual donor visiting your donation form.

Watch a quick video
to see how SmartSums works
Pay by Installments - Classic or Smart

With IsraelGives, users can make recurring monthly donations (hora'at keva). But sometimes donors want to make a one-time donation, and to divide it into installments. IsraelGives offers two methods of allowing your donors to pay in installments.

Classic Installments

What is it?
When making payment, users can divide their donation into up to 36 installments (you decide the maximum number). Installments are charged and paid to you monthly.
Donors can donate larger sums, and they're only charged a small porportion of the donation each month.
Downside for the Donor
The donation captures the donor's credit limit. So if my limit is ₪10,000 and I donate ₪5,000 in 36 payments, it'll block off half of my credit for a long period of time.
Upon payment, the donor receives a receipt for the full amount of the payment, and we mark the number of installments the payment will be divided into.
Number of Installments
Donors can pay in up to 12 installments.
Classic installments are only available for donations in Israeli Shekels.

Smart Installments

How it works
Instead of capturing the entire credit limit, we'll divide the donation by the number of payments, and treat the donation as a recurring monthly donation. So if I want to donate ₪1,000 in 10 installments, we'll treat the donation as a ₪100 monthly donation, and run the donation for 10 months.
No blocking of the donor's credit limit: He's only charged every month what he actually pays that month. For your organization, you see a new transaction every month, so the "installments" (which are actually individual donations) are easy to track.
It's easy to cancel a recurring monthly donation (it's harder to cancel a payment made in installments).
e-receipts are created automatically for every monthly payment.
Number of Installments
Donors can pay in up to 36 installments.
Smart installments is available both in Israel and for international currencies.

Security is our #1 priority

Over 60% of non-profits were victims of hacking and fraud last year. Most don't even know it. Don't be a victim - let Israel's nonprofit leader ensure the security of your online donation platform.

Our system is fully

PCI compliant

to protect your donation and credit card data
Fraud-prevention systems run


To reduce chargebacks and fake donations
We work tirelessly to

Prevent hacking and DDOS attacks

With a 99.9% uptime

Ready to start?

Create your donation form right now with these simple instructions:

To create a branded MYSITE donation form, go into the MYSITE wizard in your account. Using our easy-to-use wizard, within 5 minutes, you'll have created your donation form and have a link to a form in English and a form in Hebrew. It's that simple.
To create your MYSITE form, click here

Once you've created your MYSITE donation form, you can either send your donors to the donation form's web address (URL), or you can install the form as a pop-up within your own website (see next section for instructions on how to install the donation form as a pop-up).

Once you've created your MYSITE donation form, you can either send your donors to the donation form's web address (URL), or you can install the form as a pop-up within your own website.

How to install your donation form within your own website
First, place the following scripts in the <head> section of the page you want to install the pop-up donation form into. Note that if you're already using jquery on your website, you might not need to install the jquery.min.js file:

<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>

Then, install the following code on the page where you want the donation form to appear:

<div class="modal fade" id="IGModal" role="dialog">
<div class="modal-dialog">
<div class="modal-body">
<div class="modal-content">
<iframe src="XXX" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" seamless="seamless" class="iframestyling"> </iframe>

Next, in the code that you just placed, replace the XXX with the URL of your MYSITE donation form. Then, replace the "/donate" in your MYSITE's URL address with "/iframe". Thus, if your URL is, your pop-up donation form URL will be:

Note that the donation form will automatically resize itself on mobile devices.

If you want to launch the pop-up from a click on a button or text, you need to include data-toggle="modal" and data-target="#IGModal" in the button or text's code. For example, for the button below, my code would be:

<div class="btn btn-info btn-lg" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#IGModal">Donate Now </div >

Donate Now

Note that the pop-up donation form has reduced the number of fields (like address and telephone) that a donor is required to fill out. However, if you prefer that these fields appear as default before your donors, just add ?receipt=post onto the end of your URL address. So, your URL address would now be:

If you'd like the pop-up to load automatically on the page in which you've installed it, change this line:
<div class="modal fade" id="IGModal" role="dialog">
to this:
<div class="modal fade in" id="IGModal" role="dialog" style="display: block; opacity: 1;">

Will the pop-up donation form be blocked by ad blockers?
The pop-up donation form is actually what's called a Modal, and as such will not get blocked by ad blockers as pop-up ads often are.

How much does it cost?
The pop-up donation form is included as part of your MYSITE subscription at no extra cost.

Really don't have 5 minutes to create a MYSITE form? No problem - you can use our ready-to-use donation form.

Once your IsraelGives account is set-up, you can use the following 2 links to your donation forms:

English form
Be sure to replace XXXXXXXXX with your Amuta ID number (580...)
Hebrew form
Be sure to replace XXXXXXXXX with your Amuta ID number (580...)
Want to install this ready-to-use donation form as an iframe? No problem - just add "&fb=1" to the end of the URL, as in the following:

Alternative domain for international donors
For your international donations, you can replace the domain with, so that if I was Leket, my URL would be: or
Send parameters into the donation form
The donation form has two steps. In the first step, the user selects the donation sum, the currency, and frequency (in addition to other features). If you like you can pass one (or more) of these three parameters into the donation form so that they are pre-selected for the donor. For example, if I'm Leket Israel (whose donation form URL is, and I wanted to pre-select the sum as "100", I'd add the currency parameter onto the URL like this:

When you add parameters, you must start with the ? character. If you add more than one parameter, use the & character between them.

The parameters that you can use are:
  • currency
  • freq (frequency)
  • sum
  • step=2
So, for example, if I was Leket and I wanted to pre-select the sum as "100", the currency as "Israeli Shekels", and the frequency as "recurring monthly", the URL would be:

If I wanted already to skip ahead to the payment section of the donation form (step 2), I'd add & onto the URL, as in the following:

To view the different currency and frequency values, check out our API doc.
POST Method
Create your own donation form or payment product, but pass your donor on to IsraelGives to handle the payment itself, using the POST method. Click here to learn more.
IsraelGives API
Create your own website or app, and leave the processing to us. Use the IsraelGives API to process online donations by credit card or PayPal to any of Israel's over 40,000 non-profit organizations. Accept donations in 17 global currencies, and all donations in US dollars, Canadian dollars, and British pounds are tax-deductible. You build your project, and leave the processing to us!
To view our API documentation, click here.
IsraelGives iframe
Like our API, but without having to worry about PCI-compliance. Use the IsraelGives iframe, and process payments without exposing yourself to credit card and other sensitive payment information.
To view our iframe documentation, click here.