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Karmey Chesed     Can this Story be True? 06/08/2015

Sometimes we read stories of families that are so sad that they almost don't sound like they can be true. This past week, Karmey Chesed became involved with a family that fits that description. A father of a large family, son of Holocaust survivors who suffers from depression as a result of his childhood experiences as the son of survivors, a sufferer of diabetes, also recently had a mild heart attack, and is also has a few children with special needs. Understandably, he is having a hard time providing for his family and, in addition to all of his other troubles, is also struggling financially. Karmey Chesed was able to provide the family with food, financial assistance and just as importantly, emotional and psychological support. - See more at: Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.Donate Now! - See more at:

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Karmey Chesed     Victims of the Peace Process: Gush Katif 10 Years Later 06/08/2015

This time, Weingarten said, Sharon did not keep his promise. “In Gush Katif most people were left without houses and basic needs. After building their lives and businesses for 23 years in Gush Katif, it killed them to be forced out of their homes. Many, till this day, have serious trauma and cannot even work.” In an effort to help the evacuees heal, Karmey Chesed provides former Gush Katif residents with badly needed basic necessities, such as food, appliances, furniture and clothing. The organization even helps to finance weddings and provides professional psychological support for those still dealing with the trauma.

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bet yishay     B"H It's happening!!!!! 06/08/2015

B"H, with the tremendous help and support of our generous donors we are down to 2 weeks before camp and everything is falling in place. We are, unfortunately, still short covering the costs of the camp and therefore if anyone could help us by posting an email plea in their local email listing - it would be a tremendous help. To do so please contact Rabbi Shlomo Ben Zeev directly at Thanks so much and Tizku le mitzvos!

Karmey Chesed     "Mommy, I'm thirsty!" 05/08/2015

A small run-down apartment, with peeling paint and crumbling walls housed the eleven members of the Katz family. Although at one time they had been financially stable, their lot took a turn for the worse and business was bad. Today, nine children filled the home, but there was no income there was no funds to pay the bills. The electricity had already been turned off when Moshe, one of the younger children, walked over to the kitchen sink. With no food in the house, he learned to fill up on water to quench his hunger. He reached over to turn on the faucet and let out a moan - there is no water either. The municipality finally gave in to its threats and cut off the water. Learning about this dire situation, an emergency fundraising campaign was underway and Karmey Chessed collected close to $1500 for the Katz family. The funds were used to pay the family's utility bills, restoring electricity and water. Karmey Chessed toured the home and discovered how many basic household appliances were missing. The organization purchased a much needed washing machine, and stocked the fridge and pantry with food. Karmey Chesed: Supporting Israel through helping her people. Donate now! - See more at:

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Karmey Chesed     When a Hero Needs Saving 05/08/2015

Sometimes even our heroes need help. The IDF soldiers that serve to protect our country are also regular people that are also susceptible to "regular people" difficulties. One such former IDF soldier, a young husband, was having difficulty providing for his new wife resulting in tension at home. Karmey Chesed not only provided him with food and clothing, but also provided funds for marital counseling to help this young couple get back on track. Karmey Chesed: Supporting Israel through helping her people. Donate now! - See more at:

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