Build Support. Raise Donations. Get Paid.
Repeat, every month.

JoinMe helps like you
to create a consistent source of revenue by easily collecting recurring donations.

Send your supporters right to your secured JoinMe campaign.
Or accept recurring payments right from your own website.
Low, transparent fees
You keep 95%-96%We keep 2.9%-3.9%
Transaction fees start at 1%
JoinMe makes it easy

We make it easy for you to collect recurring payments.

5 minute set-up

Setting up an account is easy, and you can start setting up your campaign immediately, in English and in Hebrew.

Credit card and PayPal

Receive recurring payments by Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, Isracard and by PayPal.

2 great options

Use our super-simple payment forms, or create your own designed campaign for an interactive experience.


Receive payments in 17 currencies, and non-profit donations are tax-deductible from the US, UK, and Canada.

Payments never expire

Your recurring donations can go on forever. When a credit card expires, we'll obtain for you the replacement card.

Instant receipting

We'll send out receipts by email to all of your contributors, so there's no extra work for you to do.

We've already thought of it, so you don't have to.

We'll stop fraud before it costs you money

We automatically process recurring payments every month

We'll contact your supporters if there's a problem processing a payment

We'll work to make sure that your payments never expire, even if the credit card does

Your supporters receive an account to manage their payments and receipts

We give your donors customer support by phone, email, live chat, and Whatsapp

Questions & Answers

JoinMe is for non-profit organizations (amutot), companies, and for independent contractors (עוסק מורשה).
Nonprofit organizations
First, Click here to create a free IsraelGives account. In setting up your account, there are a few things that you'll need to do:
Then you can go ahead and create your JoinMe campaign.
From within your account, enter into the campaign wizard, and then follow these steps:
  • Select "membership campaign" as your campaign type
  • Pick a 1-word name for your campaign (like "joinlatet"). It can be a combination of English letters and numbers.
  • Next, select the languages that you'd like to create a campaign in (it can be English-only, Hebrew-only, or both Hebrew and English).
  • Then, select a default currency for each language campaign. For example, you can make the default currency of your Hebrew campaign Israeli Shekels, and the default currency of your English campaign U.S. dollars. Your supporters will be able to pay in multiple currencies - but numbers will be represented in this currency on the campaign page itself.
  • Then, choose between a background image and a background color.
  • Next, select a campaign title, and then describe your campaign (using text and pictures). Note that if your campaign is in both English and Hebrew, you'll need to provide a description and title in both languages.
    Optionally, you can upload a video as well.
  • After this, there are a few questions that you'll need to answer.
    First, you'll need to decide whether in addition to showing how many people have joined your campaign, whether you want us to show how much money has been donated.
    Then, decide whether you have a specific goal of how many people you want to recruit, and if yes, what it is.
    Finally, if you already have recurring donors donating to you through the IsraelGives system, you can decide whether you'd like to add these donors to your campaign total. So, for example, if your goal is 100 supporters, and you already have 10 people making recurring donations to you, your campaign will start by showing that you already have 10 people supporting you.
  • Next, you'll help to make tangible and understandable the different ways that your supporters can join your campaign and create an impact by creating differently branded membership levels. Under sum, enter the amount that your member will be donating. Under title, give your membership level a title. And then describe in a sentence or two the impact that can be created, or any way that this donation can impact.
    To view some examples, click here.
  • Finally, we give you the option of installing your JoinMe donation form right on your own website. Decide here whether you'd like us to show - at the top of the donation form - how much you've raised of your goal, and whether the goal is number of supporters (ex. 100 out of 500 supporters), or monetary (ex. $100 out of $500 goal).
A campaign is the main, visual campaign that you'll receive when you create a JoinMe campaign. From this campaign, when donors click "join now", they'll go to the payment page.

If, however, all that you really want is to allow people to join your organization and make recurring payments, right from your own website, you can simply install the payment page as an iframe, right on your own website.

When you create your campaign, towards the end of the wizard, you'll receive the code that you'll need to install on your website.
Non-profit organizations
If you have a merchant account with Isracard or Visa CAL - provide us with the details of the account, and all of your payments will be deposited directly into your bank account.
If you don't have a merchant account, you have 2 options:
  • IsraelGives will help you to set up an Isracard merchant account, with the funds deposited directly into your bank account. Or even better, let us take care of all of your bank reconciliation by having the funds be deposited into our trustee bank account.
  • Create your own merchant account with Isracard or Visa CAL, and provide us with the details
Companies and Independent Contractors
We partner with Isracard and PayMe. We'll help you to set-up a credit card processing account within 48 hours, and funds will be deposited directly into your bank account. If you'd like to accept PayPal (and foreign currencies) on your campaign as well, provide us with the details of your PayPal business account, and funds will be deposited directly into your PayPal account.
Every time a credit card is cancelled or expired, we'll receive from the credit card the card number and expiry date of the replacement card. We'll then automatically update your supporter's account, and use the new card in place of the old card.

Because users enter multiple payment methods to their PayPal account, PayPal transactions also need never expire.
Donations and payments
We charge a 2.9% + 1.2 NIS fee on the donations that you receive when you embed our product in your website, or a 3.9% + 2.5 NIS fee when you use our JoinMe campaign platform. In addition to this, you'll pay the credit card or PayPal fee.

Foreign currencies
For non-profit organizations, foreign currency donations has a 1.5% supplmental fee, which covers the cost of providing a tax-deductible receipt to your American, Canadian, and British donors.

Set-up costs
There's a one-time ₪500 fee for setting up your credit card account and/or connecting your PayPal account. If you're a non-profit organization and have already connected your credit card account to the IsraelGives platform, this fee is reduced to ₪300.

Monthly fee
JoinMe has a monthly subscription fee of ₪199, to cover the management and securitization of your campaign and your supporters' payment methods. However, we won't charge you this subscription fee until your campaign is up and running, and you're raising at least ₪400 a month. Note that if you're an International Member of IsraelGives (₪149/month) and also use our recurring donation system (₪100/month), you do not need to pay any monthly JoinMe fee.

Replacing credit cards
Every time we replace an expired or cancelled card from one of your supporters, we charge a fee of ₪25.

Every time that we cancel a payment, there is a ₪10 fee. If your supporter paid in foreign currency and filed a chargeback with the credit card company, the credit card company will charge a $20 fee.

The fees listed here and on the IsraelGives website do not include Israel VAT.
IsraelGives works hard to ensure the security of our systems (as an Israel-based company, we know a bit about security). All payment data is stored in a PCI-compliant infrastructure, where all payment data is encrypted. We also have proprietary fraud, hacking, and DDOS protection systems running 24/7 to decrease potential chargebacks.
JoinMe is a new product by IsraelGives, Israel's leader in online fundraising services.