Donate by Check

Donate by check or bank transfer

Most of the donations we process are online, credit card donations. But you're also welcome to mail in a check, or to make a donation by bank transfer.

Donate by check to an Israeli Non-Profit Organization

Please mail your check to:
American Support for Israel
PO Box 3263
Washington, DC 20010

Important: You must make the check out to "American Support for Israel" and write on the check itself in the "For" section which organization the check should be used for (please try to use the organization's ID number, which appears on its profile page, in place of its name - as some organizations have similar names). For an example of how a check should be made out, click here.

American Support for Israel's EIN number is 26-3383926. To view our IRS approval letter, click here.

We also accept bank transfers. To receive our bank details, contact us.

Why does my tax-receipt say that I've only made a "recommendation" of which organization the funds I donate should go towards?
The IRS does not permit donors to instruct how a public charity should use funds - you can only "recommend" how your donation should be used. When you donate, our board evaluates your recommendation, reviewing to ensure that the organization that you are donating towards has been approved to work with us, and meets our and the IRS' legal standards. Every organization featured on the IsraelGives website have been reviewed and pre-approved by American Support for Israel; However, if, for whatever reason, we cannot respect the recommendation of which organization you'd like the funds to go towards, we will promptly return you the donation (we will never transfer it to a different organization).


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