Donate to Israel is the world's main website for donating to Israel. Here, you can search for and donate online to any of Israel’s 30,000 non-profit organizations. Your donation is safe, secure, and helps support the organizations and causes in Israel you care about most. And fully US tax-deductible.

How does it work?
Search our database of all of Israel's 30,000 nonprofit organizations. Then, from the charity's profile page, select the sum you'd like to donate, as a one-time or recurring monthly donation. You'll be taken to our secure donation form to make your donation by credit card or PayPal. When you donate in US dollars, you'll instantly receive an e-receipt for the full amount of your donation, and your donation is fully US tax-deductible. You'll also receive a free account to track your donation history, control your monthly donations, and re-print your tax-receipts.

Great ways to donate

Donation Cart

Through, you can donate to multiple organizations at once. Go on a charity shopping spree!


You can make a recurring monthly donation to the charity of your choice. Make Israel part of your monthly routine!

My Account

Use your IsraelGives account to track your donation history, control your recurring donations, and re-print your receipts come tax-time.

Honoree Recognition

If you want to make a donation in honor of or memory of someone, or on behalf of someone's birthday, or bar-mitzvah, or wedding, IsraelGives will instantly send an acknowledgement by email to the recipient of your choice.

Charity Gift Cards

Buy a charity gift card! It's a charity gift certificate that can be redeemed towards any charity in Israel


For your Bar-Mitzvah, wedding, or sports event, create a personal fundraising campaign and raise money for your favorite organization in Israel and the US.