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American Support for Israel

Because Israel needs our help. Period.

American Support for Israel The State of Israel was not built alone. It was the product of an historic partnership - between the people on the ground working the land, building the cities, and defending the country, and Israel's supporters from around the world, who worked to give them the resources to do their history-changing work. For over a hundred years, American Jews and Christians have been donating to Israel, and supporting the work of struggling, determined pioneers. The PEF Endowment Fund, the Jewish Federations, Jewish National Fund, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Keren HaYesod, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews - all have one thing in common: a passion and commitment to helping Americans to help Israel.

American Support for Israel is a US 501c3 nonprofit organization that continues this tradition into the 21st century. We are the first organization that enables Americans to donate online, tax-deductibly, to any nonprofit organization in Israel. We do this in partnership with When you make a donation through these websites, the funds are transferred to American Support for Israel, which issues you a fully tax-deductible receipt. We then transfer your donated funds to the organization of your choice in Israel (in accordance with IRS regulations), and update you about the impact of your donation. Every month, we are helping thousands of donors to support Israel, and have provided since 2009 millions of dollars to over 250 different nonprofit organizations.

Here in America, American Support for Israel is committed to raising support across America for the State of Israel and its people. In addition to serving as a fiscal sponsor to hundreds of charitable organizations in Israel, we help to combat negative imagery of Israel in the media and to encourage support for Israel, by allowing you to see and experience the stories of people on the ground in Israel, working to create a better country for all of its people.

Why we do this

“On my various trips to Israel, I really developed a connection to the country”, says Jonathan Bonder, President of American Support for Israel. “I knew it wasn’t perfect, but a country in development, with inspiring people and organizations working tirelessly to make Israel a better place for Jews and for all of its people. I wanted to show people that side of Israel, and to help to be part of the change going on in Israel. But back on my college campus, it often felt like the only things that I could do that were ‘pro-Israel’ seemed to be in protest of some ‘anti-Israel’ action. That wasn’t enough for me – I wanted to be a partner in Israel’s growth and development, to make a difference in the day-to-day lives of the people there, and to help show the world how amazing, and diverse, a country Israel really is. I'm proud of all of the connections that we've built between America and Israel, and having become one of the most important bodies in supporting Israel's civil society.

Tax-Deductible Giving

On the website, you can donate tax-deductibly to hundreds of Israeli nonprofit organizations and charities. That’s because American Support for Israel has evaluated these charities, and made them undergo an extensive application process, to meet the IRS’ rigid legal criteria for support. Our application process involves an application agreement, submission of updated financial and legal documentation, annual financial reports, and full transparency about their activities and overhead.

American Support for Israel does not discriminate on the basis of type of religion, race, or political viewpoint. On the website you'll find organizations from the Left alongside those from the Right, religious alongside secular, Jewish alongside Arab. We operate like this because we don’t feel that it’s our job to decide whether an organization or a cause is worthy of your donation – you should. We do, however, make sure that the State of Israel recognizes and approves the group’s activities, and that the IRS permits the cause to be recognized as charitable.

Supporting American Support for Israel

Your financial support gives us the means to help hundreds of organizations in Israel. You can help to support our mission and activities by making an online tax-deductible donation to American Support for Israel, or by mailing a check to: PO Box 3263, Washington, DC, 20010.

Our Board
Jonathan Bonder (President)
Majorie Skolnik
Dr. Ira Kaminow
Martin Biefeld


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